Gender Roles For Working Men And Women Essay

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Sometimes society expects to see men and women take on certain gender roles. When they try to break free of these roles things can become complicated. Some expectation can hold a person back from being who they are. While other roles may leave a person feeling guilty for trying to be more than what society say they should be. Many times going against the grain is the only way they can express their self. Three movies that explore these concepts are: I Don’t Know How She Does It, Mulan and North Country.
I Don’t Know How She Does It explores gender roles for working men and women. The movie also addresses stereotypes about working moms. The movie starts of the Kate feeling the need to bake a dish for her daughter bake sale. She feels the need to compete with the stay at home moms who have the time to bake. Well at least that is the stereotype that stay at home moms have it easier. Kate was faced with keeping a job she loved and balancing her family life. Sometime women are seen as being the homemaker and should stay home and take care of home and kids. However Kate was determined to have it all and make it work. As hard as she tried to jungle family and furthering her career some things were neglected. Being an investment banker Kate traveled a lot for work. Every time she came back home her daughter was distant but her two old was happy to see her. The feeling of rejection from her kids mad Kate feels guilty for working so hard. A common stereotype felt by women who choose…

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