Gender Roles Effecting Americas Youth Essay

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Gender Roles Effecting Americas Youth From the moment of birth one’s sex is how people identity who the baby is as a person. ““Women are not born, they are made” same is true for men” (Eckert, 735) throughout our lives our thoughts and actions are the outcomes of creating ourselves into what society believes how our sex should be acting. Both males and female are treated differently by parents and other adults of society, doing their gender work for the child. Buying clothing, and toys to teach the child and show others in society their sex and role that they play. Children then latter on take on their own process of gendering themselves and aiding in the process of others. Gendering is a process that we as humans have created and is not the same as our biological sex. Based off of one’s sex people have different standards for how the sex should talk, act, and look while growing up in society. In the article Learning to be Gendered, Penelope Eckert goes through both sex’s journeys from birth to early childhood of becoming what society believes a male and female should be. At birth a child is instantly gendered by given blankets or hats that are either pink for girls and blue for boys. I always thought this was a way to not mix up a child’s identity in the nursing room, but it is a que for others to know what to act towards the child based on their sex. “Parents use more diminutives (kitty, doggie) when speaking to girls rather than boys, they use more inner state…

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