Gender Roles During The Play Trifles By Susan Glaspell Essay

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Amongst all kinds of literature and all through history, women have been minimized to be seen as creatures of the home. Their worth was based on their husband’s worth and the upkeep of the household. To make a female human being subject to only serve one purpose, to please males, is to justify slavery of all kinds. On the account of gender roles, women throughout the ages have suffered structural slavery to men and experienced belittlement to a degree no man has ever dreamed of encountering. In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, Minnie Wright could not endure any more of the day to day injustices and killed her husband, John Wright. The investigation of this murder leaves the men and women involved divided. Gender roles were the base of why the murder occurred and in life after death continues to be the reason for the case ultimately never being solved. In the play, we are immediately informed of the characters and the circumstances. However, the audience is also instantly introduced to the subtle presence of gender roles. The women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, are the protagonists of this story. But, their last names are used to address them during the course of this play; whereas the men’s first names are used. This establishes not only a sense of ownership that the men feel they have over the women, but men thinking women’s identity is derived from whom they are married to. Mrs. Peters, at first, feels an obligation to the law, but not due to her own accord. She is…

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