Gender Roles During A Time Of Crisis Essay examples

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Gender roles developed from predetermined notions on women. To understand gender roles one has to study their roots. Gender roles change from region to region as they do with time period to time period. Many of this has to do with the legal rights a women had in a certain area as well as the religion she and her husband were members of. The area in which they were located at also had much to do with their treatment because of social norms and because of how the terrain was. In places where it was not the norm for women to leave the home without some kind of head coverings, the people in that area adopted head coverings. In area where the terrain was harsh and could not be tended to by one person women were allowed to participate in agriculture.

The elimination of gender roles is a topic that is becoming more and more relevant in today 's society. Throughout the decades gender roles have changed extensively. In history, gender roles change during a time of crisis. This is seen particularly in times of wars. In the 1700s, during the American Revolution, women with a hand in the war effort were known as camp followers.The evolution of gender roles continues from the aforementioned example as women were allowed to become M.Ds and start new organizations. Gender roles once again change in the 1960s when, alongside the feminist movement, women began to steady join the workforce. With these changes, aspects of life change from being masculine to feminine and…

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