Gender Roles : Children 's Future Career Goals And Lifestyle Essay

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Thus, the prior literature reviews suggest evidence that gender roles coincide with gender stereotypes and that they are prevalent within younger kids. The four literature reviews that were completed showed that within toys, scenarios, and occupations children already have a sense of their specific gender roles. Though the literature supported a substantial amount of information about gender roles and stereotypes it remains unclear how gender-specific play can affect the children’s future career goals and lifestyle. The proposed researcher has greatly benefited and enhanced prior background, but future research will focus on gender roles within make-believe play and its significance in a child’s future career to better understand the importance of gender roles in children’s play. With this question not being addressed within any of the prior literature, it is easy to question if gender-role play during make-believe play will impact children’s views on their future career goals specifically for that child’s gender. With the prior literature reviews it is obvious that gender roles are already present within children, so future research predicts, that this form of play will have a great importance on the child’s future career goals and or lifestyle.
Participants Participants will consist of two groups of 30 boys and 30 girls ages 3-6 and would be preferred that the groups are a mix of different ethnicities. The purpose of this study is to find out if gender-role play…

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