Gender Roles Between Men And Female Essay

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Are the roles different between men and women in a relationship? There are significant differences between males and female, even if they are only physical. However, physical is not the only attribute that 's different but intellectual, social and emotional. Gender roles by definition are the social norms that dictate what is socially appropriate males and female behavior. The origin of gender roles is a complex and nationwide issue as different culture view gender roles differently. For example, in American culture it was common for the woman to be the submissive homemaker while the man was the breadwinner. What variables could account for this? Religion is often the number one reason people use, but if we dig deeper one could see that the majority of nations share the same faith;however, the level of gender roles differ. The fact that gender roles exist is undeniable. Traditional gender roles for women include nurturer, dependence,and emotional whereas the men roles dominant, independent, and emotionless. Although these traditional roles have changed over times, they 're still elements of gender roles that impact relationships. Traditionally, it was the man who bared the responsibility of providing financial safety and stability for the family. Over the years, the roles have shifted and women have become the breadwinners or at least a partially breadwinner. In some relationships this is not a problem until the woman starts making more money then the man. For example,…

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