Gender Roles Are The Social Expectations Essay

1045 Words Mar 6th, 2015 null Page
Gender roles are the social expectations determined by your sex, if you have a vagina you 're supposed to be nurturing and accepting only if you have a penis you 're active and competitive. Gender roles determine the clothes, activities, hobbies, careers and behaviors you shall have in life. That being said what 's your role in life? Apparently my role is to be passive, care for my children, and become a nurse or a secretary while my physical appearance is small and innocent. Society has determined these norms that describe male and female roles that I am sick of. Why do women always get belittled? Society doesn 't let us express our full potential; we have many obstacles that are usually "excuses" to everyone around us. We grow up with gender roles since we are put in an incubator. If you 're a girl you receive a pink blanket, when you’re a boy you receive a blue one. We are born to behave, how society expects a boy and a girl to behave, having a color-coded gender labels. As we grow up both sexes have a constant pressure from the media to fit into their gender roles. When I was watching the Super Bowl XLIX one of the commercial by Always called "Like a Girl" asked a group of people to "run like a girl" they ran and basically mocked how a girl run or throws. Later on, they showed young girls and asked " what does it mean to you when I say run like a girl?" and she responded, " It means run as fast as you can." This commercial left a great impact because I know how it…

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