Gender Roles Are Defined By Society Essay

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We learn how to behave, act, dress, and all around conduct ourselves based on the people on the people we surround ourselves with. Gender roles in sociology, a topic that is based on the idea that standards are set by society and the norms that they in fact impose on the people. This concept can formally be defined by the following definition: “refers to society 's concept of how men and women are expected to act and behave. Gender roles are based on norms created by society.” A large portion of what makes up gender roles is feminism, which holds the belief in that social, political, and economic equality for both males and females should be an unspoken right to all. Although, it was years ago, females did not have nearly as many of the same rights that men had. Women had to fight for years in order to gain these innate rights that were once granted to men— for example, voting. What is most important to stress is that, gender roles are in fact passed on through the various generations of people because we learn the most from our parents, along with others who have lived before us. It has been noted that, from the ripe age of only three years old, kids actually have the ability to be able to begin learning and becoming aware not only of their surroundings but also what the difference between what a male and female are. The actions that differ between their mom and dad, generally correlate with the fact that they are female and male. That being all summed up by their…

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