Essay on Gender Roles And Women 's Roles

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In modern society, women’s roles are changing from the traditional roles to more modernize roles; however, child care is still considered a role in the lives of women. Nevertheless women continues to be stereotype as women who are gentle, kind, and obedient to the opposite sex. But not all women fit this criterion in the society. At the same time, women are stereotyped as good child care taker but not all women will find children lovable. When it comes to stereotyping, individuals of the society should first observed the period changed and how stereotyping affects others as it will not applied to everyone. However, due to the underrepresentation of women in the society, stereotyping gender roles becomes a typical nature of the society which women become the typically group that is targeted.
In the 21st century, women continues to face underrepresentation in the workforce due to the constant battle between family and work life which leads to stereotyping of gender roles. When it comes to family and work for women, it is difficult to choose between them especially with consequences that come from choosing one over the other. However, it can be changed if men at least take some of the responsibilities onto their shoulders. But that is not the case because women in society continues to hold most of the responsibilities in child care than men. Jayita Poduval and Murali Poduval, who are Assistant Professor at the Manipal Teaching Hospital, states that women shouldering dual…

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