Essay on Gender Roles And Women 's Roles

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Though many gender role advancements were achieved in past and future decades, gender roles were more segregated in the 1950’s than they were in even colonial times. In the 1950s, there were rigid gender roles represented in popular culture. To start off, magazines in the 1950s were filled with degrading advertisements for women, “The magazines of the time were filled with images of dedicated housewives whose only pleasures were that their families were satisfied and their chores made easier” (“Women’s Roles in the 1950s”). This quote asserts the idea that popular magazines were filled with a sort of propaganda for what a woman should be. Secondly, women were expected to be as similar as they can to this propaganda. For example, women were told how to dress, and who to dress for, they were encouraged to dress for men practically everywhere, stores, magazines, and even newspapers. In the 1950s newspaper article, “How to Dress to Please a Man,” Verney Connelly emphasizes that idea. “That old gag about women dressing for women, not men, has only a dash of truth, as any alert gal knows.” Women were often told to dress themselves for men, and not for their own confidence. If they didn’t dress for men they weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed, as Connelly describes. On the topic of clothing, femininity was expected in the 1950s, it was the whole reason for women’s clothing. Women were taught through all sources to dress for men, and to show their gender, as stated in…

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