Gender Roles And Society's Role In Society

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Gender roles are a large product of the way in which one was raised that might not be in conformance with one’s gender identity. Society places ideas concerning proper behaviors regarding gender roles. In the U.S., male roles are usually connected with power, aggression, and authority, while female roles are associated with nurturing and emotions. In the article "Men are stuck in gender roles data suggest", Reyes states that, "Several studies have found that bending gender stereotypes and childhood is tied to worst anxiety for men than women in adulthood" and I completely agree with that. I realize certain children when they are yelled at and ridiculed by certain things that they do they tend to grow up very timid and shy and are afraid to express how they feel and usually grow up with a lot of emotional instability. Over time, the perspective of gender roles has changed drastically compared to the modern age. Pink went from being a boys color that was a more decided and stronger color to the color blue which was a more delicate and dainty color. In the …show more content…
Children who have been taught that girls are supposed to cook and clean and boys do handy work and take out the garbage are more likely to take a trade typically for that gender. A child that is exposed to gender roles often feels they should behave the way society deems as appropriate for that gender. In the article, “Why I Want a Wife,” By Judy Brady she stated “According to the dictionary, a wife is a “woman married to a man.” But, as many women know, a wife is much more: cook, housekeeper, nutritionist, chauffeur, friend, sex partner, valet, nurse, social secretary, ego-builder, and more.” This reflects on how a female is basically responsible for doing certain things because she’s a wife or female and a man’s responsibility is little to none because this seems gender appropriate for a woman to be responsible for these

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