Gender Roles Research Paper

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Gender Roles – Socialized
Men and Woman socialize in gender by many different ways. If you take the time to pay attention and watch how women and men interact with one another you would quickly pick up on their differences. After reading our Sociology text book I have learned that gender role is a set of behaviors, attitudes, and personality characteristics expected and encourages of a person based on their sex. Although men and women are much different in their own ways it is not unusual for the roles to be revered or the two have the same interest. Most men are masculine and enjoy hunting, fishing, and sports but occasionally there are men that are the opposite and do not want to get dirty. This is the same case for women. Some would enjoy
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Women do not just stay home to cook, clean and take care of the children. Women are out there making the same money or even more than the men on top of cleaning, cooking and taking care of the children. There are also a lot of men that take on the role of being a stay at home dad. It is not unusual to see a woman working and the man staying home with this children. It is often in the end after figuring in daycare it would be best to have a stay at home parent. I have many friends and families where the role is reverse or both parents work hard and keep in mind to help one another out. I work at a large University and there are many department chairs that are woman. I enjoy looking closely between a man’s office and a woman’s office. The men’s offices that I have seen are more about showing off their achievements. I joke and call this their “I love me wall”. The women’s offices are more about showing off their life experiences, children, and their achievements.
I believe in the end men and women are the same in many ways but when it comes to socializing we tend to find ourselves drawn to what we are most interested in. This is just our behavior and personality inside of us. As you pay more attention to gender roles you will see that not everything that is supposed to be a man’s job or favorite color can very well be done or liked by a female as

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