Gender Roles And Socialisation Of Hyper Masculinity Essay

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Recent research suggests that enforcing strict adherence to traditional gender roles and idolization of hyper-masculinity can have negative effects on society, one of which may be perpetuating male involvement in criminal activities (Rivers, et. al 2011, Fine 2010). Contemporary men’s studies examines the ways in which the pressure to behave in a masculine fashion can influence males to commit crime. This as a concept can be seen in the work of sociologist James Messerschmidt, who posits that committing crime is an outlet for men to perform masculinity. This was developed from the expansion of Raewyn Connell’s theory of hegemonic masculinity. Contrary to the idea of doing masculinity, sociologists David Gadd and Tony Jefferson analyze involvement in crime from a psychosocial approach, meaning that crime occurs because of a combination of social factors and individual thought and behavior. This essay will examine the ways in which crime can be seen as a resource for performing masculinity, particularly in regards to violent and sex crimes which are often enacted against women, and discuss some of the ways in which societal expectations of men contribute to this.
Historically, gender and traditional gender roles have had a significant impact on the ways societies function, particularly Western societies which adhere to the belief that there is a gender binary. This outlook on gender sees only two existing genders—male and female—which are generally viewed as being completely…

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