Gender Roles And Roles Of Women Essay

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Throughout history, we have seen that gender role differences have evolved and adapted to the different time periods and to their different events. In the 1950s, married women played a significant role in relation to their husbands. Society expected wives to be dedicated to their matrimony without no further interests than being a pillar of support to their husbands. An article titled, “Every Executive Needs a Perfect Wife.” From a 1956 magazine called, “Good Housekeeping.” Directly portrays the difference in gender roles and what was expected of women at the time, portraying the qualities of a perfect wife that would improve the attributes of her husband and subsequently the idea that women are inferior to men. This idea of women’s inferiority to men has been a constant factor throughout the centuries. Although not as strong today, the skeleton of gender role ideas presented and enforced upon the society in the 1950s still remain. In the beginning of the 1900s, married men were responsible for bringing money into the house while the women stayed at home and took care of housekeeping and the children. Until World War I, women did not need to work because the men were expected to bring home all the income; however, with the war many men left to serve and many jobs were available. Women took this opportunity to earn their own money therefore allowing them some independence. After the war ended, the soldiers returned and many women were fired from their jobs and the soldiers…

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