Gender Roles And Roles Of Women Essay

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Gender role played a vital role in today’s society and have throughout the history. Gender role, of women, particularly in the 1950’s was very strict. They had very limited resources or opportunities. Women were considered incomplete without her husband beside her. Women were supposed to fulfill certain roles, such as caring mother , a diligent homemaker and an obedient wife. Divorce or parting of the ways was infrequent and unusual. Society had a negative perspective towards divorce women. This is the reason why Helen did not divorce Bruce. A wife was a “good” wife is she carried out her mans every order and agreed with him on everything. Bruce, knowing the fact that he had sex with younger men. Helen was afraid of not meeting the expectations and criteria set by the society for women if she divorced Bruce.
Alison Bechdel says in the book Fun Home “Later, my mother would learn that dad and his friend had been lovers” (71). Alison indirectly conveys that her mother, Helen found out about the hidden truth of Bruce, soon after marriage. He use to have sex with younger men. Helen discovered the truth of Bruce being homosexual, she had a choice to let go of Bruce and continue her life with another man. This decision could have been beneficial for both Bruce and Helen , but because of how society was going to view these individuals ,it stopped them from continuing a happy truthful life. Helen sacrificed her happiness to satisfy society.
It was hard for Helen to acknowledge and…

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