Gender Roles And Norms Of Society Essay

2212 Words May 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Gender among other aspects of social life are identified differently between societies. Each society has a different view on the rights and wrongs in their daily lives. The term gender is what identifies you throughout society. Gender roles and norms are prestigious to the socialization of life. Gender is identified by an individual’s behavior and the “gender roles are based on norms, or standards, created by society. (Boundless 2016)” There is a constant struggle within a society when deciding when these norms are changing. Transgender communities are growing as years pass, and the new terms for gender are changing as well. Each gender has a role in society, giving insight into the ways that people view their peers. Men have to be masculine, women have to be feminine, anywhere in between and the society is torn. Within the new society the key terms when explaining gender include “norm,” socialization, transgender, and gender roles. The society paints a picture on how gender roles should be depicted in the culture. Within societal views I plan on explaining the social impact of normality of identification, transition, mental health, and how the media overstimulates the society on what is happening. This will be shown through examples from blogs, media, and YouTube channels.
Gender identification is different than sex identification. “Sex” is a physical construct and gender refers to the social construct within a society. The societal views within the terms indicate the…

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