Gender Roles And Masculinity On Gender Relations Essay

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Gender roles and masculinity are social themes that are frequently discussed in our society and apply uniquely to Latin@ culture. ‘Macho’ is simply the Spanish translation of ‘male,’ but it has taken on connotations that relate to having masculine qualities. In the context of Latin America, ‘machismo’ is a term that relates to male sexuality; it is “a concept that dictates many aspects of Latin American male behavior,” (Kobashigawa). Such qualities are performative in that men and women are expected to act according to social norms. Masculinity itself is not a negative quality to have; however, certain Latino men exhibit ‘hypermasculinity,’ which is “an exaggerated sense of masculinity stressing such attributes as courage, virility, and domination,” (Stavans 149). It is seen by some to be a toxic influence on gender relations because it often manifests itself through homophobia and misogyny. Hypermasculinity can also be seen as a reassertion of traditional roles in reaction to feminist movements. Me Macho, You Jane, by Dagoberto Gilb, Jane the Virgin, created by Jennie Snyder Urman, and Mi Vida Loca, directed by Allison Anders, can all be used to show how machismo affects Latinos and how gender roles are defined and constructed in those communities. Gender roles and masculinity in the Latin@ community are dynamic and closely linked to race and sexuality; while popular culture and the media has influenced our conceptions of masculinity, there is substantial criticism from…

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