Gender Roles And Lack Of Representation Essay

1823 Words Oct 25th, 2015 8 Pages
Even from the early 14th century, there have been intense gender roles. Since women give birth, they are typically the ones to stay and care for children. Some are even told they have not a place outside of caring for children and keeping house and home. Men have been seen as the stronger sex for many years, being the hunters and protectors. Most men without that form of courage and strength are often ridiculed for not being more masculine. No one will even speak of a third gender, because they haven’t enough knowledge with such. People may start rumors and hate about them, though, since they don’t understand and dislike this new concept of a third gender. The roles and lack of representation show that gender inequality is a problem we should address now. Despite those who say that there is not a problem, gender equality should be achieved because of inequality in the workplace, stereotypes on certain genders, and education of genders being important matters to fix in order to help other situations more. There are many who believe sexism is not real or just do not see the importance in trying to stop it. Not only that, but the media even encourages sexist stereotypes through jokes and merchandise. One prime example was in around the late 2013 year, many young men were seen wearing shirts that said, “Cool story, babe. Now shut up and make me a sandwich.” This is a reference to a time where women were really not valuable towards men unless they were doing chores and favors…

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