Gender Roles And Gender Socialization Essay

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Gender roles determine that males and females act a certain way according to society, which are developed by the process of learning expectations of a certain sex. This process is referred to as gender socialization. During childhood, these influences play a large part in determining an individual 's values and how they portray the opposite sex. Many believed this leads stereotyped behavior and the underdevelopment of necessary skills. Given the possible effects of gender socialization, individuals should avoid promoting strict gender roles. Gender roles develop from the process of gender socialization. Generally speaking, socialization is the “process by which we learn and adapt to the ways of a given society or social group so as to adequately participate in” (Kalantari 246). The process of socialization is ingrained by observing role models and is imitated by children (Kalantari 249). This process can be developed by parental attitudes, schools, and how peers interact with each other (Hilliard). Socialization early on in life has a weighty effect on ones life. Demolishing the effects of socialization in younger years is difficult and in most case socialization is sustained through a lifetime (Kalantari 246). The primary influence of the development of gender roles in young children are parents. During socialization parents treat male and female newborns differently by possibly dressing them different, or giving different types of attention. For example, parents tend…

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