Gender Roles And Gender Norms Essay

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In the United States of America, there is a society which consists of two main (supported/normalized) genders, man and woman; and in America, there is competition between man and woman because of gender. This is a common trend among many other societies and it harms both women and men because the society sets up norms for each gender to follow. These ‘gender norms’ as defined by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center are, “a set of “rules” or ideas us the way women and men “should” look. They are not based in biology, but instead determined by a culture or society,” and they harm the way men and women go about daily life. Because the American society has gendered norms, there are also gender roles resulting of these norms. Gender roles are the practicing of gendered norms in a society that say certain things and actions are for a woman to wear, behave, believe, and sense; and the same goes for men. The gender roles start when an adolescent begins to gender type themselves and realizes they need to act their gender or them will not be accepted; the adolescent female starts to perform as a ‘girl’ because she is female. A society’s culture behaves stimulates how its’ people behave. America has an individualistic culture and society, in which the importance and value of each person’s uniqueness and individualism is stressed. Another type of society’s culture is the collectivistic culture in which people are a part of different groups and collectivism is stressed as a…

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