Gender Roles And Gender Issues Essay

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It is widely acknowledged that gender issues are still found in a variety of societies across the globe today. It is also commonly recognized that gender issues have been prominent over the course of history, even in some of the world’s most highly praised societies. What often go unnoticed, however, are the radical literary works within those societies which have, over time, confronted gender dispositions in an attempt to mobilize readers against the typical societal consent that often occurs when dealing with contemporary gender issues. Many Victorian poets, for example, used their poetic prowess to address and question the gender issues they saw in society, as well as to interrogate their origins and the context of their formation. Robert Browning, one of these Victorian poets, creates a moral space for social examination through his use of dramatic monologue, thematic diction, and ironic poetic form; by warning against the inherent consequences of possessive behaviors in a relationship, and through his demonstration of their effects on personal, social, and economic status for both men and women, Browning expands his ethical argument to critique his contemporary society for allowing dangerous forms of gender issues to persist unchecked.
By framing his poem as a dramatic monologue from the Duke’s perspective, not only is Browning able to depict the crazed mind-set and narcissistic tendencies of the poem’s main character, but he is able to confront a gender-related…

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