Gender Roles And Gender Equality Essay

1862 Words Oct 29th, 2015 8 Pages
The idea of placing genders into certain roles in our society creates major setbacks for both male and females. Gender roles have existed all throughout our history and have continued to exist as our country progresses. A specific gender role that is very active today is women’s inferiority to men in society. Men are the heros and breadwinners and women are the caretakers according to our society. There are many times a woman is looked down to because they are a woman. A lot of opportunities and potential could have possibly been thrown out the window due to this inequality. Reducing women to a lower role is a sign of our society’s inability to grow and accept other influences and values because with all of the advances in gender equality, women are still placed in a lower role than men. Throughout history, men have always been viewed by our society to be the superior gender in just about every aspect. Whether it’s professionally, superiority, intelligence, ability, potential, etc., men have always been looked at as the dominant gender in our society. In our social history, we have always had gender roles. Men are food gatherers and hunters, while women are the cooks and caretakers. This idea has really just became recognized in the past century as it being wrong. Only within the past century, women have been recognized as important to our society as a whole.
Woman’s rights were taken more seriously after they fought for their right to vote in 1920. In “History of…

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