Gender Role Essay

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Gender Roles

Gender Roles

Abstract This research paper explores five published journals articles from research-conducted interview, online survey, and questionnaires about gender roles. The first two articles talk about the sharing of parenthood and how their roles as parents are being misunderstood by the society. The third article explores if social support balances the link between gender role conflict and psychological distress, and also, the fourth article investigates cardiovascular reactivity to two interpersonal consistent with two different gender roles stressors to determine whether responses differences exist between men and women. Finally, the fifth article focuses his attention on the roles of gender and a generation
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In the second article the authors Katz-Wise, Priess, and Hyde (2010) explored variations in gender role attitudes and behaviors through the first time transition to parenthood. They used transition to parenthood and gender roles attitudes to differentiate a role of a man and woman. Gender role attitudes are described as a continual process of transformation where the man is the breadwinner to where the man and woman share the same responsibilities and were measured with the Traditional-egalitarian Sex Role scale. Another criteria used is parental identity salience which is when an individual has various status such as worker, parent, student, or spouse, and it was measured by using two scales from the Salience Inventory. Society generally place certain roles to be attributed only to women especially parenthood and this decide how important the salient role is. They also used transition to parenthood and division of labor as one of the subject they based their research on. They used questions developed for the Wisconsin Leave and Health project to measure division of labor. When a couple gets a baby their roles change. The women become more involved with the caring of the baby, and spending less hours out of the house while the man become the breadwinner. This trend continues even after two or more kids.
In conducting the study, they used 570 pregnant women and 550 male partners from the Wisconsin Maternity

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