Biological Differences Between Sex And Gender

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Sex refers to the biology of maleness and femaleness; the biological distinction between both males and females. That may include the chromosomal, chemical, and anatomical differences between both sexes as well. Since sex is biological, the Orthodox Church views sex in the same way. Biologically speaking, I am addressed as a male and I identify myself as a male as well. Although recently people argue that there are more than just two sexes, I was brought up and taught that God created both man and woman, and everything else is a result of our ancestors fall from paradise. However, both sex and gender can be ambiguous. Gender is based on the meaning that society gives to the fact of biological difference . Gender defines what is masculine and what is feminine, and what is socially expected from males and females. Definitions of gender differ from one society to another and they …show more content…
“We imagine how we appear to others and thus develop our sense of self based on the others’ reactions, imagined or otherwise.” As mentioned before, I grew up in a Muslim country where not everyone around me was Christian. Society did not allow me to cross myself in public or to wear my cross around my neck because I would have to face the consequences for such behavior, regardless of what they could have been. Therefore, I would have to change my sense of self or my identity depending on who I was around. This would usually happen unconsciously to an extent where it became instinct and this would fall under Goffman’s theory of dramaturgical self. Dramaturgy theory is when we change our behavior so easily and so often without even thinking about it. Goffman would say this is due to the fear of rejection so we go about our lives trying our best to be the best grandchild, children, employees and students we can, where we put on different roles in this play or theatrical production called

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