Gender Role And Society's Role In Society

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Gender roles are the social expectations determined by your sex, if you have a vagina you 're supposed to be nurturing and accepting only if you have a penis you 're active and competitive. Gender roles determine the clothes, activities, hobbies, careers and behaviors you shall have in life. That being said what 's your role in life? Apparently my role is to be passive, care for my children, and become a nurse or a secretary while my physical appearance is small and innocent. Society has determined these norms that describe male and female roles that I am sick of. Why do women always get belittled? Society doesn 't let us express our full potential; we have many obstacles that are usually "excuses" to everyone around us. We grow up with …show more content…
Even though clearly I had basketball shorts and a white tee tucked in with my Nike black and white football cleats ready to play ball. It will always come down to Timmy Jimmy and Bobby with another player depending on how many are around and myself. I would get matched up with the "weak" player on the opposing team and we will have the ball first because of my presence. The fact that just because I am a girl I get the weakest player isn 't fair. I wanted them to treat me like I wasn 't a girl, treat me like one of them or just as someone that shares the same passion as any other athlete. I wanted to get tackled so hard I will feel it in the morning and most likely wake up with one or two bruises, I wanted to get chased and knocked down. I love it; the hits run the adrenaline rush my meltdowns on completing the play. Nonetheless, I used that as a fuel to make me do better than anyone around, to prove I have what it takes to play and have the best player guarding me. They didn 't call me, Megatron for nothing my friends usually enjoyed watching my skills take effect, I would come from where you least expect it and you will have to change your whole game plan in order to win the game because I was coming to that "W" Just in case you were doubting woman playing on the field. Something I did personally notice is when I earned the players respect the rest of the team would practically bully him. " A girl beat you! I can 't believe it 's a GIRL." One of the many phrases yelled out across the field. Was I no competition? Was I not supposed to show you my skills to prove I can ball? Does that mean when a girl finally does something out of the norm to prove a point such as also being an athlete in a "man playing sport"; its not suppose to let others feel anything less than what they

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