Gender Representation In Disney Film: Gender Representation In Film

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Gender representation in film is a reflection on gender roles and ideas in society, and with every change and constant in these socially constructed differences it is subsequently seen in film. By looking through the sociological perspective the contrasts in the films beauty and the beast (1959) and Maleficent (2014) can be understood by looking at events in society and the creators of Disney films in addition with applying symbolic interactionism and sociological concepts and theories from Raewynn Connell and Giroux.
Changes in gender portrayal highlights changing ideas of masculinity and femininity and can be understood through looking through an interactionist perspective at the connection between the history and biography (Mills C, cited in Possamai, Henslin, 2014) . Applying symbolic interactionism and Raewynn Connells ideas
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Beauty and the beast (1959) shows a more traditional gender model while Maleficent (2014 shows a progressive gender model. Belle is depicted through a traditional framework, with traditional feminine qualities such as emotional, sensitive and domestic which

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