Gender Representation In Teen Films

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Álvarez-Hernández, C., B. González de Garay-Domínguez, and F. J. Frutos-Esteban. "Gender
Representation In Contemporary Spanish Teen Films (2009-2014)." Revista Latina De
Comunicación Social 70 (2015): 934-960. Fuente Académica. Web. 13 Mar. 2016. Audio-visual narratives or films remain an important factor in influencing the way society is perceived. Thus, a chronic issue influenced by films is the gender inequality that is present between males and females. Through studies, Spanish teen films support this claim of gender inequity as influenced by the story’s characters and plot. Therefore, adolescents which attend to a film are highly influenced by the story and in return abide by what has been learned. “The supremacy of the heteronormative
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Wooden. "Post-Princess Models Of Gender: The New Man In
Disney/Pixar." Journal Of Popular Film & Television 36.1 (2008): 2-8.Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Mar. 2016. The subliminal messages that are present in Disney Pixar movies differentiate males and females. According to this source, the movies titled Cars, Toy Story, and The Incredibles possess an alpha-male character. In fact, these movies possess these bravado characters at the beginning where they are driven by pride through competitiveness and authority. The similarity within these movies deals with the plot and the changes the male protagonist undergo, where they eventually attain feminine values to achieve overall success. “Beginning with alpha-male traits in common, from emotional inaccessibility to keen competitiveness, the stars of these stories follow similar bildungsroman plots” (2). In these movies, the alpha-male possesses traits that are conventional to males including showing off strength and dominance. This leaves female characters to help out male characters. As of result, this shows how dominant male characters
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Web. 13 Mar. 2016. When studying history, the female 's perspective has often been neglected due to many historical reasons. Historical films have greatly made males dominant; thus, this emphasis the experience that women go through as they are limited to what they are expected. There are films that promote the female’s perspective. “Women are simply inserted into the traditional canon, usually in the form of representative sidebars and supplemental material” (222). This excerpt supports my argument by coercing women into a traditional scenario where they aren’t able to modify themselves to a more appropriate picture.“Female characters continually occupy a limited range of occupations, held lower-status positions, and wielded less power than men” (222). This excerpt supports the claim that women are misrepresented with a low quality and not equal to

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