Essay on Gender Representation And Gender Roles

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One of the most prominent features of the socially constructed gender binary is the strictly enforced gender norms that are associated with each. Although it is possible to bend gender rules, remaining somewhere in the middle instead of choosing a side of the spectrum with which to identify makes many members of society uncomfortable. I witnessed a firsthand example of this in high school by the acceptance, or lack thereof, of two male cheerleaders. For much of the duration of their participation in an extracurricular activity that society associates with girls as opposed to a contact sport, as most hegemonic boys do, one faced sever judgement and ridicule but the other was praised. Because one of the boys refused to be categorized in a subordinate form of masculinity, other boys constantly teased him as a means of gender policing him for believing that he exemplified hegemonic masculinity, but contrasting it by choosing to participate in an activity that is considered feminine and deemed appropriate for girls only. While both boys had exceptional talent, one faced constant criticism, but the other was widely accepted. Because there were no major differences besides the fact that one was openly gay and the other claimed to be heterosexual, I assume that the differences of acceptance were a result of the sexual orientation they claimed. Much as Pascoe suggested in the article, ‘Dude You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse, the boy that claimed to be…

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