Gender, Religious, And Racial Discrimination Essay

1007 Words Dec 6th, 2015 5 Pages
What do Muslim terrorists, unintelligent blondes, and women being inferior to men have in common? They’re all stereotypes! A stereotype is “any commonly known public belief about a certain social group or a type of individual.” They are often confused with prejudices, because they both are based on a prior assumption. Stereotypes are a problem because they put people in categories and decrease their actual worth. There are three stereotypes that are really problematic: gender, religious, and racial.

Many consider men smarter than women, that they’re more agentic, and less communal than women. Men are considered the “backbone” of this country and that women are inferior to them. But according to an experiment, which was made of mostly university students, found out that employed women were actually more agentic than men, they were more self-assertive and motivated to master. Another questionnaire was done to a school in Iowa to 4-6th graders and they found out that girls usually liked reading more while boys liked science because ”parents perceived science as more important for boys and expected higher performance of boys.” Parents and many others perceive jobs related to math or science as more male dominated and this can have negative effects on young girls who enjoy science at a young age. This experiment found out that the attitude towards gender difference related to physical science begins to develop by the earliest elementary school year.…

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