Gender, Racial, And Linguistic Backgrounds Essay

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The United States is well known for its increasingly diverse population which is described with metaphors such as the “Melting Pot,” “Salad bowl,” and “Mosaic.” These descriptions illustrate the present and growing population of its public schools serving students from different cultural, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. Within the continuously increasing diversity in schools, educators and school administrators can’t ignore the significance of having educators who are culturally aware and competent, especially when implementing behavioral practices with students and families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. Research suggests that students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds historically present at disproportionately high rates of office disciplinary referrals, suspensions, dropout rates, behaviorally-based special education referrals, and are often over-identified in special education programs for students with emotional/behavioral disorders (Bal, Betters-Bubon, & Fish, 2013). Compared to Caucasian students, culturally and linguistically diverse students tend to receive more severe punishment when they are under the same situations or for less serious situations, such as disrespectful language and violating the dress code. Those unequal treatments address the missing consideration of cultural factors as possible antecedents of presenting challenging behaviors (Day-Vines & Day-Hairston, 2005;…

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