Gender, Race, Religion And More Essay

757 Words May 25th, 2016 4 Pages
The nation constantly goes through many controversial issues based on gender, race, religion and more. One current issue that has received extreme amounts of media attention is the transgendered bathroom bill. Essentially the bill ban’s transgendered individuals from using public restrooms that is not their original sex. Many people believe this bill is important and needs to be enforced so that further issues can be prevented. Such as individuals abusing their right and claiming to be something that they are not which can create situations for perverts, molestation, and rape. However other individuals feel that the bathroom bill violates their constitutional rights.
Personally this bathroom bill will cause more issues and problems in multiple public facilities and schools. Our resources and finances should not be spent on silly issues like if you have the proper body part to use a specific bathroom. On the contrary going into female bathroom and then a transgendered male walks in is quite awkward and uncomfortable. Yes, I do accept the bathroom bill only because without it, money will be spent on trying to compensate public bathrooms for this specific cultural group.
I graduated from Paxon School for the Advanced Studies and had no problems using the female bathroom. Junior year I walked into the female bathroom like usual, and a transgendered student was in there with his boyfriend. I no longer had the urge to use the bathroom. With the issue at hand I was not mad or upset…

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