Gender, Race, And Social Class Threatens And Determines The Potential For The American Dream

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The American dream is the foundation of American beliefs and is still achievable but it only impacts few citizens which shows there are huge problems but they can be fixed. Women have trouble establishing themselves and have been discriminated against over their male counterpart all the time. Not only gender, but race as African Americans are having trouble finding jobs and even in the 21st century the employed black population is not as high as people would think instead the percentage is going down. Social status keeps you where start and can basically predetermine your outcome, whether the disadvantages there are or the fact of the low movement rate in America. Discrimination of gender, race, and social class threatens and determines the potential for the American dream.
The American dream is about achieving a goal that is what is considered the norm for every American. The house is the centerpiece of the American dream. Once the house has been obtained, then you have made the dream a reality. The problem is that owning a home is very hard as Arnold says “The common misconception is possession of the home, as most Americans do not own a home, they instead are paying for a home that the bank owns. But the fact that it is still possible now proves the American dream is not dead but is actually broken” (Arnold 13). The system is struggling to stay afloat because it is hard to accomplish this goal, especially for women who are being discriminated against (which is contrary to…

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