Essay about Gender Policing : Gender And Gender

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Gender Policing sometimes defines our society and this needs to change. “Gender policing is a normative approach to gender that involves coercion and socialization of individuals into conforming to the gender binary” …(MediaWiki, 2014.) Gender Policing also goes hand in hand with gender norms. Normative approaches to gender such as clothing categories for either females or males, what sports each the average male or female should play, if a baby is female or male at birth. The fact that at birth we are forced to give babies a gender when just coming out of the mother’s womb just shows how strong the influence of gender policing is in our society. There are also norms like how a girl should act or how a boy should act, the sex categories we fall under, the signs on the bathrooms we enter in public places, etc. We live in such a gender specific world, where you have to be female or male to be normal and you have to fall under the gender norms to not stand out and be seen as weird. The story, X: A Fabulous Child’s Story by Lois Gould. Which talks about an experimental baby X that went against all societal set gender norms, shows proofs of being placed under a certain group can not only limit your options but also prevents freedom of self-expression and is a problem in our society. “This short story X explores our culture’s obsession with gender. Suggesting that rigid gender norms constrains behavior and limit human development” (Gould, 1972, P. 1). Baby X was an experiment…

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