Gender Of Gender Neutral Housing Essay

848 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Gender-neutral housing allows college students to live with each other on campus regardless of their gender and sexual orientation ("Gender-inclusive housing at MIT", 2015). Some schools have recently pushed for gender-neutral housing on their campuses in order allow “transgender, gay, and lesbian students feel more comfortable with their living situations” (Koma, 2014). At the same time, some students and faculty members might believe that gender-neutral housing have more “negative implications” than positive ones (Alec, 2013). However, some students feel uncomfortable with the current state of traditional housing. Traditional housing might make a LGBTQ student feel uncomfortable living with a heterosexual student. In this case, gender-neutral housing might become a step closer to gender awareness and equality in schools across the nation. Therefore, I believe that the Miller Creative Quad dorms at Hendrix College should provide gender-neutral housing to protect students from feeling uncomfortable while on campus because of their gender identity. Students can be protected from feeling uncomfortable with a traditional housing by allowing everyone to have awareness of gender identities with gender-neutral housing. Schools across the nation face problems related to their students who gay, lesbian, or transgender feeling uncomfortable with the traditional housing plan. Some problems include students being afraid of others judging them because of their sexual preference and…

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