Essay about Gender Observation

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Game of Love Throughout our lives we've seen many men and women conversing with one another. We also have noticed how single men and women interact with each other differ from when talking to the same gender; but what do they talk about? What is their motive in starting a conversation? Specifically, I’ve done an observation between men and women conversing with one another in Starbucks, at Marysville, and a bar called Round Corner Tavern in Sacramento. The outcome of it was women showed more emotion when talking to their girlfriends, men acted with no manners when talking to their guy friends, and when single men and women talk to one another they become more aware of their behaviors. In Starbucks, I
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The bar was kind of nosy. When the two men approached each other, they only made eye contact for about a second and shook each other’s hand quickly. Furthermore, when they sat next to each other parallel facing the flat screen television, one of them immediately started a conversation about a beautiful young missy standing by the pool table. I turned to my left to take peek, but realized he exaggerated the beauty of the young missy. His friend responded, “That girl looks like Gloria from Madagascar!” I couldn’t laugh out loud, so I chuckled to myself. From time to time, there was some awkward silence throughout the conversation. Out of the blue, one of them started to talk about the Miami Heat game the other night while staring at their own beer bottles. I also observed that they talked for about the same amount of time and used foul language in some of their sentence. One of them talked, the other one responded right away. Although at one time, when one of the guys was talking about a problem with his job, his friend’s face didn’t have any expression but just told him to find another job and punch your boss in the face kind of attitude. The night went on with endless random conversations. Unfortunately, one of them had to go to work that he hated, ending my observation earlier than I expected. Two days later, I was back to the same bar to observe a single man and woman conversing with one another. While I overheard the man introducing

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