Gender, Nudity And The Rain God Essay

2035 Words Jun 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Angela Cisneros
Professor Perez-Torres
Chicana(o) Studies M105C
T.A. Timothy Fosbury
9 June 2016 Gender, Sexuality and Family
In City of God by Gil Cuadros and The Rain God by Arturo Islas, there is a constant clash between identity and the gender roles one has always been expected to fulfill in the Chicana/Chicano household. The narrator in City of God throughout the book is at different stages of his life and through these stages one can see his journey of acceptance of who he is. Whereas, in Rain God, one of the protagonist through the use of gender role is able to fulfill his sexuality for a short amount of time. There is an inability to fulfill the “proper codes” of Chicano masculinity and as well be able to abide to their true identity.
To begin, in City of God, the narrator from the very beginning informs us the expectations a parent has on a child.For instance, as the eldest son, Reynaldo was expected to be ladies man,
“My mother begged me to find a girl soon...don 't you want to make your father proud, your brother should look up to you” (Cuadros 7). In the eyes of the family, he needs to continue the family line. They never ask him what he wants or what he desires, in the chicano household one just does as is told. Reynaldo even at a young age knew he was different as is stated, “My body would grow warm and my heart would pound when they put their hands on my chest and shoulders.I would notice the color of their eyes the strength they possessed”(Cuadros7).…

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