Gender Norms Within Single Parent Families Essay

1193 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Throughout the years society has had a large role in gender norms and their influences on family roles. They have impacted the ways in which families function on a daily basis. But what if a family only has one parent; do gender norms extend to them? Yes. It is common to see gender norms within single parent families in society. Gender norms expect women to stay at home and men to go out into the workplace as stated above, but these gender norms are slowly starting to shift due to the fact that society is slowly shifting from a patriarchy society to a society that is more equal when it comes to gender norms. Feminists believe that it is important to move away from a patriarchy-based society in order to achieve gender equality. For example, in a single parent family with children, there are many living expenses to take care of so the parent will have to go out into the workforce to find a stable job to take care of them. This causes gender norms to shift around a bit because the single parent now takes on both gender roles held for men and women. For example, a single mom has to find a job becoming the household breadwinner as well as split her responsibilities with taking care of her children and the household on a regular basis. This is seen by society as untraditional due to the fact that the gender roles are already set in stone and people of society do not like change. It always comes back to change. People of society no matter how much they deny it do not like change.…

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