Gender Norms : How Males And Female Should Think Essay

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Gender norms determine how males and female should think, speak, dress and interact within the context of the society. Parents also play a role in gender norms, for example, in my family the females are expected to learn and know how to cook, clean, and take care of their younger ones, these things are usually taught by the mother, and the father also teaches the males how to fix things, wash cars, and other things that are related to the masculine world. Since the parents instill this knowledge in their kids using gender, they are also separating gender characteristics by differentiating the roles between each gender. Things like these play a major role in how kids think, think which makes them accustomed to a particular way they should behave or act in public because of the kind of environment they are brought up in. In today society those roles have reverse and the idea of this traditional or caveman has change. Change is both objective and subjective and it all depends on what role you play in that change. For women, this change is a great thing because now they get to work and have their money and not depend on the man anymore. For some men this is a tragedy, they can’t feel masculine because their women don’t depend on them and aren’t submissive anymore. So some men don’t like this new world. Another interesting part of gender norms of which most people are guilty of is attributing a certain kind of behavior or demeanor to gender. Color is one good example of such…

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