Essay about Gender Norms And Gender Roles

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America has created a dichotomization of gender roles based on norms and standards throughout society. From birth, children are assigned a gender and are socialized to conform to certain gender roles based on their biological sex (BOUNDLESS). Gender roles in society are known to begin at birth and continue throughout four main aspects of socialization; family, education, peer groups, and media. Therefore, this socialization shapes the way America’s youth grows up and affects the goals and dreams they have for the future. Gender norms are very important in American society because without many of the norms that currently exist, life would be completely different and may not function the same way it does today. For example, women are often forced to work the “second shift,” meaning once they have finished work, they still face household chores at home. Gender norms play a prolific role in American society, by setting a basis of how a person can life a successful and happy life, while living in an accepting and supporting environment. Functionalist Theory: American society consists of many different people, of many different backgrounds. They all have unique and individual viewpoints and ideas, leading them to support a certain gender perspective over another. There are many theories to everyday life, and many of them apply directly to gender roles, although, the three major classical theories of sociology are the theories that will be applied to gender roles. The three…

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