Gender Neutral Bathrooms Research Paper

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Frankie Martinez

Professor Mittendorf

Philosophy 191

3 November 2017

This paper is about Gender Neutral Bathrooms and how Utilitarianism views it. I feel like Utilitarianism would say that the happiness of the people who struggle with which bathrooms to use and the new changes that will come along with this fight will be better over the content feelings for the separate bathrooms. In this paper I will argue that the ethical theory Utilitarianism would back up the idea of Gender Neutral Bathrooms being placed in public places. I will argue that Deontology is an insufficient theory when applied to social problem of Gender Neutral Bathrooms because Deontology fails to look at the greater good of the community, which is integral to the problem
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There are people every single day struggling with the decision of putting the use of the bathroom on hold or going to use the bathroom and facing discrimination based on their choice. Like every issue there are various sides to this issue. There’s the traditional group that will say no to Gender Neutral Bathrooms because it goes against what they think is “normal”. Others are worried about all the possibilities that might happen such as sexual assault cases, bathroom sex meet ups, allowing trans people to feel okay about themselves (for those who believe transsexuals have a mental disorder). There’s also the side that just want a peaceful and safe place to do their business. These groups of individuals are more focused on providing the safe feeling for the people who are part of the LGBTQ community, parents who have disabled children, and parents who are trying to take their child of opposite sex to the bathroom. These are the people who could careless who’s peeing or pooping next to them. The main disagreement seems to be whether or not having Gender Neutral Bathrooms is okay. Some will argue that its okay to have a bathrooms everyone can use freely and others will argue that no its not okay to combine both sexes in one …show more content…
His form of Utilitarianism is much different from Bentham’s forms. Instead of believing that happiness should be measured by quantity he believed that happiness should be measure by quality. He believed that the more educational and beneficial the pleasure was the higher it was ranked. For example, a trip to the museum is a higher pleasure than a trip to the movie theater. Mills rated fun and non-educational things lower because he said lower pleasures don't bring you the same kind of happiness a higher pleasure does. You feel a lot happier when you gain a skill by practicing and putting in time to a pleasure rather then watching a movie or listening to music which will only make you happy for a short term. Meanwhile Bentham says as long as the pleasure makes you happy do it. Like Bentham, Mills also developed a theory called Rule Utilitarianism. Rule Utilitarianism the action is right as it conforms to a rule that often leads to the “greatest good”. Mill’s says that when deciding you have to keep in mind the choice that leads to more happiness even if its not what you believe is

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