Hyper Masculinity And Film Analysis

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Woman are misrepresented in most areas from media to employment to even public interactions. In the field of media woman are only the main character between twenty-six to forty percent of the time. In employment woman are less likely to become a boss and those who become bosses are treated wrongly for using the same power as their male counterparts. In public from name calling to “girl watching” women are treated as lesser then men.
A common theme in movies is the usage of hyper masculinity which is an exaggeration of male stereotypes, acting touch, being strong and so on. Television shows and films are commonly rated with a test called a Bechdel Test. This test uses three criteria to judge how progressive a film is. A film must have two female
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This action is used by men to build masculine identities and social relations. Another issue that causes disparities is Asymmetric sexuality which is the idea that we do not hold men and women to the same standards of sexuality and these standards are reproductive of women’s disempowerment. When woman receive sexual looks in public, it is normally trivialized as “boys being boys”. If and when corporations follow gender roles, it causes men to be more likely to deny harm in harassment and consider the behavior as acceptable. Sexual harassment as a dramatic performance. Functions as a source of fun and mechanism by which gendered identities, boundaries, and power relations are reproduced. Objectification of women reinforces masculinity by viewing woman as objects which removes emotions they would have toward the interaction. Sexual harassment pushes woman away from wanting to be a part of the team, it reinforces male privilege while silencing woman with male hidden powers. The best way to remove girl watching is for men telling other men that it is cool or fun to do would stop it from happening. The dress code for men and woman would have to be reevaluated to confirm that each other role is required to wear the same level of

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