Essay about Gender : Just A Social Construction

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Gender: Just a Social Construction in the Eyes of Allah
I am a young Muslim woman born and raised in a western culture. My beliefs are paradoxical, because they are both religious and liberal. I am perceived as an outsider in my own culture because I am westernized, and hold ideas true to my heart that many Muslims, particularly many Muslim men, perceive unfavorably. So why am I telling you all of this? While it sounds like I’m speaking poorly about my religion, like I am bashing my brothers and the principles of the faith, I’m writing to support the fundamental principles of the religion. Not modern “Islamic fundamentalist” ideas that we hear Donald Trump spewing nonsense about, but instead real, Qur’an supported beliefs. I firmly believe that the reason behind the inequity of the genders in Islam, the reason why I’m perceived as rambunctious, is because of the patriarchal interpretations of the Qur’an that set the foundation for modern beliefs. The Qur’an promotes equality of the sexes, in fact, even the language of the Qur’an does not make a specific gender distinction, as in Arabic the pronouns “he” and “she” do not necessarily imply natural gender. Therefore, the reason for the superiority of the Male in Islamic culture (I say culture for a reason) is due to patriarchal interpretations that shaped the modern world- as the Qur’an itself renders man and woman as equals.
The Qur’an is very descriptive in its depiction of the origin of man. According to the text, both…

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