Essay on Gender Issues Of Women And Women

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Theme #1: Gender Issues The first theme we discussed in class was Gender Issues which includes gender inequality and stereotypes. Gender issues affect both men and woman. We learned the difference between Gender (a sociological category) and Sex (reproductive organs and individual is born with) and within these terms are issues that are portrayed in the media (Croft, 2016). There are also certain gender stereotypes that are directed to either male or females. If a man associates himself with a “emotional” characteristic, he is weak and unmanly. The same goes with a woman. If she associates herself with a “strong” characteristic, she is manly. This is a big issue in our society today, because people aren’t always accepted for being who they are. We also learned about the role of gender and how men and women have certain occupational and educational roles they are expected to follow. We also discussed the issues of inequality in Canada that have occurred back then and even today. We have come far from women not having the right to vote, equal pay, and quality education. But women are still facing the reality that they have lower incomes, hold fewer prestigious jobs, and live in poverty- compared to men (Croft, 2016). Lastly, the media also plays a huge role on the image of women. They portray women as objects, powerless, and that its ok for them to be abused (Croft, 2016) just to name of few examples.
Gender issues will always exist in the Canadian society. There will…

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