Gender Issues In Computer Science

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Computer science is a discipline that involves the understanding and design of computers and computational processes. It is a study of principles, applications, and technologies of computing and computers. It involves the study of data and data structures and algorithms. Lot of math and physics is involved in this major. As a lot of math and science is involved in this major people assume that any major that is associated with math and science is for men and majors that are involved with humanities and art are for woman. Because when we say woman everyone thinks of the words tenderness, soft and beauty. Therefore it is assumed that woman can’t handle hard majors that is associated with math and science.
But according to a research made by (Hyde et al., 2008) they found the following:
Gender similarities in performance on standardized math tests in a national, longitudinal sample of students from middle school through high school. They found out that girls are earning high school math and science credits at the same rate as boys.
Christopher (2011) said that “Women earn only 17 to 18 percent of the bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer science and just
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Both male and female first year STEM majors are equally likely to have taken and have earned high grades in math and science classes in high school and have confidence in their math and science ability. But, many of them leave STEM majors early in their college careers or they don’t chose STEM major at all?
The biggest question now is what happened to all the women who did well in high school math and physics? Where have they been? Why are they only few women in computer science? Women who did better and equivalent to boys what happened to all of them. Why aren’t there a lot of women in computer science field? Why aren’t they choosing the stem field or why are they leaving the STEM

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