Gender Is The Way Our Society Essay

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Gender is the way our society describes whether a person is more masculine or feminine. Though many generations society has made it seem as if girls and boys have to be a certain way because of their gender. According to this society women are the weaker link while men are stronger and independent. There is a lot of injustice going on around the world because of a person’s gender, to this day there is discrimination towards women. The sex of a person is the way they were born which would be their biological parts. Society has come to decide that if you have biological parts of a male then you should act like a male and be the head of the household. That has to do with the gender roles that we’ve had for generations; women are to be the housewives depending on their husbands while men work for the family Gender roles have been a big portion of what builds up a person’s gender identity. For generation’s we’ve been told how women and men should act and what they should like. This has been a controversial topic because men and women find themselves conflicted in who they are. Women are told that they should stay home and be housewives doing the cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids. Meanwhile men should be the ones working and providing for the family, but for years we have been seeing how things have slowly been changing and we have been getting out of that cycle. More women are becoming independent and working on their own, and some men will now stay home and do the…

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