Gender Is The Social And Cultural Defining Between Male And Female

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Gender is the social and cultural defining between male and female. Each individual makes a distinction of identifying as one, both, or neither. Society sees men as dominant, strong, and emotionless. Society sees women as submissive, vulnerable, vulnerable, and emotional. These archetypes of the two genders are perpetuated by culture. The culture of where one lives influences their decisions and views. The media also plays a role in this perpetuation. The media establish the stereotypes of men and women and influences our thoughts about them through their portrayal. In the comic of Suffragettes in the City, the women desire the right to vote. The women need equality. The comic shows them as disorganized, distracted, and confused. In the opinion speech, “Emoji Feminism” by Amy Butcher, Butcher talks about how her friend has managed to do something amazing. She wants to text an emoji that is befitting of her achievement. She becomes confused about why there isn’t an emoji which depicts a powerful or intelligent woman. These two texts describe how the media misrepresents the female gender and that the media’s portrayal of women is inaccurate. The first text is the comic Suffragettes in the City, is a satire on the stereotypes of women and how they are represented in the media. The women in the comic are petitioning the right to vote. The comic starts with a woman demanding a man give them his vote for their petition. She then tries to persuade him with a pat on his butt. The…

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