Essay on Gender Is Not An Intrinsic Aspect Of A Person

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Discussions concerning the ‘social construction’ of gender generally revolve around the premise that gender is not an intrinsic aspect of a person. Rather that it is something which has come about through the formation of societal ideas surrounding what it means to be a man or a woman. Arguments in opposition to this may draw their reasoning from biological differences between the male and female sexes as evidence of a natural divide between men and women, which could promote the attribution of genders to certain traits. Coinciding with this, the separation of sex and gender is a debate which lends itself to this discussion, as it too helps us to develop a wider perspective on whether there is a social division between the two, or if they are one and the same. Additionally, the notion that gender is something you ‘do’ enables us to understand on a more personal level how gender impacts our everyday lives, and how it is a product of society and ourselves simultaneously. Lastly, we must acknowledge the future of ‘gender’ and how this social construction may evolve and develop. These matters will help us explore what is meant by the social construction of gender.

Plainly speaking, there are clear biological differences that can be seen between men and women, which some would claim create a binary system for which we can use to categorise the two sexes. At the most basic level, men have penises and women have vaginas, men have testicles and women have breasts etc. These…

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