Gender Is A Social Construct Essay

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Gender, is a social construct, not like sex, which is defined by the anatomy of the person being born. Gender is not so easily defined, although people to this day use sex and gender interchangeably, they are really distinct from one another. Gender could easily change with the intersectionality of culture, religion, and even ages. In 1975, Gender was no longer a real achievement, individuals do gender (Doing Gender). Femininity and Masculinity are the most basic ways of interpreting reactions and categorizing the individual (Doing Gender). Meanwhile sex is always internationally recognized as either Male or Female, we expect people to express their sex category and display it for us (Doing Gender).
In understanding that we then can understand the evolution of “gender”. Early on the founders of sociology found that men and women were different in many ways from their emotions to their intellects, this being the biological approach. Men were seen to be far stronger and they would surely take part in society, the armed forces, and any legal setting, meanwhile his wife would be at home in the domestic setting taking care of the domestic duties. Like for many Filipino girls they are more protected than their male counterparts because they are more vulnerable sexually than boys (We Don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do: Family Culture Gender Filipina American Life). Also in the colonies Europeans set laws to protect their women from the “Black Peril”, the women necessarily…

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