Gender Is A Defining Characteristic Of A Person 's Identity Essay

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Gender is a defining characteristic of a person’s identity. This social construct provides the basis of understanding what society expects from a person and how this person should behave. In many cultures, gender falls under a binary categorization of feminine or masculine. Traditional femininity subscribes to the older notion that a woman’s ultimate role is to be a wife and mother meaning she cares for her family by being the sole contributor to the domestic chores (Friedan, 1963 and Hochschild, 1989). Traditional masculinity or hegemonic masculinity describes men as strong, controlling, powerful breadwinners who do not participate in domestic duties because domesticity is a feminine concept (Johnston, Rodney, & Chong, 2014). These traditional attributes of men and women seeps into the gendered approach towards cooking. The observation made by Charlotte Druckman (2010) that women cook with the heart while men cook with the head summarizes the gendered approach towards cooking. By saying women cook with heart, Druckman suggests that women are expected to care and nurture through their food. The study Feeding the Family examines the importance of cooking in the development of family by interviewing various wives and mothers. The study found that beyond providing nourishment, feeding the family demands care, connection, and sensitivity to loved ones’ needs because “the food provided for a family cannot just be any food, but must be food that will satisfy them” (DeVault,…

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