Gender Is A Complex Spectrum Of Identity Essay

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Gender is a complex spectrum of identity that is much greater than the binary of man or woman. It is the performance of cultural, social, and psychological traits in which people express themselves. These characteristics are gender cues that have been culturally agreed upon to identify the gender or sex of another person. This expression of traits manifests through appearance and behavior and includes hairstyle, clothing, gait, vocal inflection, body shape, and facial hair. Socially, it is expected for these characteristics to align themselves to either a man or woman. The binary is determined at birth according to biological sex, but it is also common belief that it is necessary for people to exist at all. However, people have historically identified with different genders regardless of biological sex; such as transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary. In spite of not identifying with the binary there is still a high expectation that people must perform these traits to successfully pass as a man or woman. Society values its ability to limit people to labels and boxes that provide control over self-expression. Gender expression has become the brunt of the joke with visual culture neglecting and stereotyping gender identity that does not conform to social norms. The continuous discrimination against gender identity results in hate crimes and prejudice that endanger and end people’s lives.
Even as multiple gender identities challenge the ideology of the binary, the foundation…

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